your physician before taking erectile dysfunction drugs

Some side effects can be observed if you are under medications due to interaction
of the components of different medications
They may not be compatible with each
other. Cialis is not indicated for women
and children. Men are recommended to strictly follow prescribed dosage and to
avoid overdose. Ask the pharmacist the
right quantity of Cialis in milligrams
Cialis is proved to be more effective than Viagra and is indicated
to treat erectile dysfunction
or in other words impotence Recently it has been revealed that
each tenth man suffers from certain
kind of erection dysfunction
To treat this unpleasant problem
pharmacists found a solution from natural
sources. The drug is safe with no serious side effects.
Cialis is released in two types.
One is Brand Cialis and other is generic
Customers may be confused often as
to which of them is safer, effective better in
quality, and approved by pharmacists. But the main difference in branded Cialis
and generic is just that generic medications
are cheap and affordable and the
customers save a lot. Generics cost
cheap because they are budgeted by the
government. So cheap generic Cialis does not mean lower quality, it is just a
reasonable cost pricing policy. Customers
do not have to compromise with effect
safety, quality, strength, or hygiene of the drug
On the other hand branded Cialis are
expensive because a lot of was spent for their development, investigation, studying
marketing, and advertising. The drug
manufacturer has a copyright on this
branded product protected by the low for
twenty years. Branded Cialis has copyright
protection for the components in their formula. After this copyright expiry, these
drugs with same components can be
manufactured by other companies and
get the approval of the regular authority
Branded Cialis and generic are different
by shape and appearance because generic Cialis has some different components
to change color or shape of pills making it a
new product in the drug market. But
this new drug does not mean generic Cialis
provides different effect, it may just